Research Highlight

I found a 16-day periodicity of a fast radio burst (FRB) with the great data from CHIME/FRB collaboration. The plot is the FRB 20180916B bursts folded at its period.(Nature 582,351, CHIME/FRB collaboration, Li as corresponding author)

We observe diverse, rare polarization effects in a pulsar binary system. They resembles the recent polarization observation of some of the FRB repeaters, suggesting the latter may also reside in a binary system. The figure below shows that the circular polarization V of the pulsar changes signs when the line of sight is approaching the companion. I model the effect as the pulsar radio emission passing through the poloidal field of the companion. (Nature 618, 484–488, Li et al.)

More about me


I practice karate, although, sadly, not yet a flying Kungfu master as seen on the TV.

I love trees and kitties, although the latter may not always love me.

Great appreciation to my parents.